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Marking: Non-standard (special-shaped) hydraulic power unit customized

PRODUCTLINTRODUCTION This hydraulic power pack integrates gear pump,AC motor,mulifuctional manifold, cartridge valves, tank as well as the hydraulic accessories. It offrs an effcient and reliable control for the up and down movements of the ramp and ip of a dock leveler.Only one push button is needed for the whole operation.




Motor Voit Motor Power Rated Speed Displacement System Pressure Tank Capacity L(mm)
ADPU5-E2.1 B4E80/LBAOT1 380VAC 0.75KW 1450RPM 2.1ml/r 16MPa 6L 557
ADPU5-E2.7B4E80/LBAOT1 2.7ml/r 14MPa

Remark: 1 .Please go to page 1 or consult our sales engineer for the different pump displacement, motor power or tank capacity. 2.The manual override function is available on request. SPECIAL NOTES 1.The power unit is of S3 duty, which can only work intermittently and repeatedly and repeatedly , ie., 1 minute on and 9minutesoff. 2.Clean all the hydraulic parts concerned before mounting the power unit. 3.Viscosity of the hydraulic oil should be 15~68 cst, which should also be clean and free of impurities.N46 hydraulic 4.Check the oil level in the tank after the initial operation of the power unit. 5.Oil changing is required after the initial 100 operation hours, afterwards once every 3000 hours.

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