Precautions for cleaning hydraulic power unit system

This cleaning operation is mainly to remove dust and reduce pollution. It is mainly the pollution received during manufacturing, use, testing and storage. The cleaning of the hydraulic power unit is mainly to clean the main system and the safety system. Let’s introduce the matters that should be paid attention to in the cleaning process: 1. For the cleaning of the hydraulic power unit system, hydraulic oil or locomotive oil is generally used as a cleaning agent. Never use kerosene, alcohol, gasoline or other liquid solvents to prevent corrosion of the device. 2. The two parts of the hydraulic pump movement are fun and the cleaning medium must be heated at the same time. The temperature of the cleaning agent needs to reach 50-80 degrees to remove the rubber residue in the system. 3. A non-metallic hammer can be used to hit the oil pipe, which can be hit continuously or discontinuously, which is helpful to remove the attached material in the pipe. 4. The indirect movement of the hydraulic pump is good for removing impurities, and the interval is usually 10 to 30 minutes. 5. The cleaning time needs to be 48 to 60 hours, which is determined by the complexity of the system, the requirements of filtration accuracy, and the degree of pollution. 6. In order to avoid interference from external humidity, after cleaning, the machine should not move continuously. It can be stopped only when the temperature returns to normal.


Post time: Feb-22-2021