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Marking: Non-standard (special-shaped) hydraulic power unit customized


This power unit consists of high pressure gear pump, DC motor,multi-functional manifold, valves, tank,ect.It features stable perfor-mance and compact structure, and can be widely used in automotive, garden machineries, machine tools, logistics equipments etc.



Model Motor Voit Motor Power Rated Speed Displacement System Pressure Tank Capacity L(mm)
ADPU5-F2.1A1W209/WUAAC1  12VDC 1.5KW 2500RPM 2.1ml/r 20 MPA 3L 567
2.5ml/r 20MPA 5L 472 
ADPU5-F2.7B3G209/LBAEC1 220VAC 1.5KW 1450RPM  2.7ml/r 22 MPA 6L 642 
ADPU5-F2.5F3H209/LCCEC1 2.2KW 2850RPM 2.5ml/r 18MPA 14L 665
Y8Z5-E3.2G3H209/LCCEC1 3.2ml/r 15MPA 16L 597
ADPU5-D4.2G3H209/LCCEC1 4.2ml/r 10MPA 16L 597
ADPU5-F2.7H4I209/LCCEC1 380VAC 3KW 2.7ml/r 20MPA 20L 930
ADPU5-F3.2I4I209/LCCEC1 3.2ml/r 18MPA 22L 1015
ADPU5-E3.7J4I209/LCCEC1 3.7ml/r 16MPA 25L 1100


1 .Please go to page 1 or consult our sales engineerfor the different pump displacement, motor power or tank capacity.


1.This power unit is of S3 duty cycle,i.e., non-continuous operation,30 seconds on and 270 seconds off.
2. Clean all the hydraulic parts concerned before mounting the power unit.
3.Viscosity of the hydraulic oil should be 15~68 cst, which should also be clean and free of impurities.N46 hydraulic oil is recommended.
4.Oil changing is required after the initial 100 operation hours, afterwards once every 3000 hours. 5. The power unit should be mounted horizontally.

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