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Marking: Non-standard (special-shaped) hydraulic power unit customized


This power unit is designed exclusively for Auto hoist, with power up,gravity down function.Such products can be applied to different voltages and frequences and the lowering movement is controlled by the manual release valve. The power unit also applies to different kinds of hydraulic fork lift and scissors lift.






Model Motor Volt Motor Power Displacement System Pressure Rated Speed lank Capacity Dimensions(mm) Certification
L1 L2 L3 L
ADPU5-F0.8B5F1 /ALVOT1 115V 60Hz 1.1KW 0.8ml/r 20MPa 3450RPM 6L 335 180 180 611 CE (Motor)
ADPU5-F0.8C5F1/ALVOT1 8L 440 716
ADPU5-E1.2B5F1/ALVOT1 1.2ml/r 17.5MPa 6L 335 611
ADPU5-E1.2C5F1/ALVOT1 8L 440 716
ADPU5-F0.8B8F1 /AMVOT1 115/230V 0.8ml/r 20MPa 2850/ 3450RPM 6L 335   611
ADPU5-F0.8C8F1/AMVOT1 50/60HZ 8L 400 716
ADPU5-E1.2B8F1/AMVOT2   1.2ml/r 17.5MPa 6L 335 611
ADPU5-E1.2C8F1/AMVOT1   8L 440 716
ADPU5-F2.1E3H1 /AMQOT1 208-240V 2.2KW 2.1ml/r 20MPa 2850/ 3450RPM 12L 540 165 185 816
ADPU5-F2.1F3H1/AMQOT1 50/60HZ 14L 600 175 185 876
ADPU5-F2.1E7H1 /ALQOT1 230/460V 3450RPM 12L 540 165 185 816
ADPU5-F2.1F7H1/ALQOT1 60Hz 14L 600 175 185 876
ADPU5-F2.1E20H1/AMQOT1 190/ 2850/ 3450RPM 12L 540 165 185 816
ADPU5-F2.5F20H1/AMQOT1 208-240/ 2.5ml/r 14L 600 175 185 876
ADPU5-E4.2E20H1/ANQOT1 380/460V 4.2ml/r 17.5MPa 1450/ 1750RPM 12L 540 165 185 816
ADPU5-E4.2F20H1/ANQOT1 50/60HZ
  14L 600 175 185 876
ADPU5-F0.8B8F1/AMQOT4 115/230V 50/60HZ 1.1 KW 0.8ml/r 20MPa 2850/ 3450RPM 6L 335 180 180 611 ETL
ADPU5-F2.1F3H1/AMQOT4 220V 50/60HZ 2.2KW 2.1ml/r 14L 600 175 185 876 (Powerllnit)
ADPU5-F2.1F3H1/ALQOT1 220V 2.2KW 2.1ml/r 20MPa 3450RPM 14L 600 175 185 876 UL
ADPU5-E2.1 F3H1/ALQOT1 60Hz 17.5MPa (Motor)

1 .Please go to page 1 or consult our sales engineer for the different pump displacement, motor power or tank capacity.


1.The power unit is of S3 duty, which can only be worked intermittently, ie., 1 minute on and 9 minutes off.
2.Clean all the hydraulic parts concerned before mounting the power unit.
3.Viscosity of the oil shoud be 15-68 cst, and the oil should be clean and free of impurities,N46 hydraulic oil is recommended.
4.The power unit should be mounted vertically.
5.Check the oil level in the tank after the initial running of the power unit.
6.Oil changing is required after the initial 1000 operation hours,afterwards once every 3000 hours.
7.we are at your disposal to offer you the power units with your favorate power,flow,pressure as well as the tank capacity.

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